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NHL Goalie Starters

March 25, 2017

White Name = Projected. 50%

Brown = (L)  Likely. 85%
Green Name = (C) Confirmed. 99%

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(Stats Under Goalie Are Lifetime Stats VS That Team)

(FD = FanDuel Salary - DK = Draft Kings Salary)


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Canucks: Bachman    Wild: Kuemper             2pm


Flyers: Neuvirth          Jackets: Bobrovsky      2pm


Flames: Elliott             Blues: Allen                  7pm


Leafs: Andersen        Sabres: Lehner             7pm


Sens: Anderson        Habs: Price                    7pm

Hawks: Crawford      Panthers: Reimer          7pm


Canes: Lack              Devils: Schneider          7pm


Bruins: Khudobin      Isles: Greiss                  7pm


Coyotes: Smith         Capitals: Holtby            7pm


Sharks: Jones          Preds: Rinne                 8pm


Avs: Pickard             Oilers: Brossoit             10pm


Rangers: Raanta      Kings: Quick                10:30pm


MAR 26


Wild: Dubnyk            Wings: Mrazek             12:30pm


Stars: Lehtonen       Devils: Schneider            5pm


Flyers: Mason          Pens: Murray                   7pm


Canucks: Miller        Jets: Hellebuyck              8pm


Rangers: Lundqvist  Ducks: Bernier                 9pm


MAR 27


Wings: Howard         Canes: Ward                  7pm


Panthers: Reimer      Sabres: Lehner              7pm


Preds: Rinne            Isles: Greiss                   7pm


Hawks: Crawford     Lightning: Vaseilvskiy    7:30pm


Coyotes: Smith       Blues: Allen                      8pm


Avs: Pickard            Flames: Elliott                  9pm


MAR 28


Preds: Rinne            Bruins: Rask                   7pm


Sens: Anderson       Flyers: Mason                 7pm


Wings: Mrazek        Canes: Ward                    7pm


Sabres: Lehner       Jackets: Bobrovsky         7pm


Panthers: Reimer    Leafs: Andersen             7:30pm


Stars: Lehtonen      Habs: Price                    7:30pm


Capitals: Holtby      Wild: Dubnyk                    8pm


Kings: Quick          Oilers: Talbot                     9pm


Ducks: Bernier      Canucks: Miller                10pm


Rangers: Lundqvist  Sharks: Jones              10:30pm


MAR 29


Hawks: Crawford        Pens: Murray                8pm


Kings: Bishop             Flames: Johnson          9pm


Capitals: Grubauer    Avs: Pickard                  10pm


Blues: Allen               Coyotes: Smith            10:30pm

MAR 30

Isles: Greiss              Flyers: Mason               7pm

Jackets: Bobrovsky   Canes: Ward                 7pm

Stars: Lehtonen        Bruins: Rask                 7;30pm

Panthers: Reimer      Habs: Price                   7:30pm

Wings: Mrazek         Lightning: Vaseileskiy    7:30pm

Leafs: Andersen      Preds: Rinne                    8pm

Sens: Anderson       Wild: Dubnyk                   8pm

Ducks: Bernier         Jets: Hellebuyck               8pm

Sharks: Jones         Oilers: Talbot                     9pm

MAR 31

Pens: Murray           Rangers: Lundqvist           7pm

Devils: Schneider    Isles: Greiss                     7:30pm

Jackets: Bobrovsky Hawks: Crawford              8:30pm

Blues: Allen             Avs: Pickard                       9pm

Sharks: Jones         Flames: Elliott                     9pm

Kings: Quick           Canucks: Miller                   10pm

Capitals: Holtby      Coyotes: Smith                   10pm


Panthers: Luongo      Bruins: Rask                 1pm

Wild: Dubynk             Preds: Rinne                 2pm

Sens: Anderson        Jets: Hellebuyck            7pm

Leafs: Andersen        Wings: Mrazek              7pm

Habs: Price               Lightning: Vasilevskiy     7pm

Devils: Schneider     Flyers: Mason                7pm

Stars: Lehtonen       Canes: Ward                   7pm

Ducks: Bernier         Oilers: Talbot                  10pm


Bruins: Rask             Hawks: Crawford         12:30pm

Isles: Greiss             Sabres: Lehner               3pm

Preds: Rinne            Blues; Allen                     4pm

Canes: Ward            Pens: Murray                   5pm

Avs: Pickard             Wild: Dubnyk                   6pm

Stars: Lehtonen       Lightning: Vaseilevskiy    6pm

Capitals: Holtby       Jackets: Bobrovsky         6pm

Sharks: Jones          Canucks: Miller               7pm

Flyers: Mason          Rangers: Lundqvist        7:30pm

Ducks: Bernier         Flames: Elliott                 9:30pm

Coyotes: Smith        Kings: Quick                  10:30pm


Leafs: Andersen         Sabres: Lehner             7pm

Sens: Anderson          Wings: Mrazek              7pm

Habs: Price                Panthers: Luongo          7:30pm


Lighting: Vaseilevskiy     Bruins: Rask              7pm

Flyers: Mason                Devils: Schneider       7pm

Jackets: Bobrovsky       Pens: Murray              7pm

Capitals: Holtby             Leafs: Andersen       7:30pm

Wings: Mrazek              Sens: Anderson        7:30pm

Jets: Hellebuyck            Blues: Allen                8pm

Isles: Greiss                  Preds: Rinne               8pm

Canes: Ward                 Wild: Dubnyk              8pm

Coyotes: Smith             Stars: Lehtonen          8:30pm

Hawks: Crawford          Avs: Pickard                 9pm

Flames: Elliott               Ducks: Bernier             10pm

Oilers: Talbot                Kings: Quick               10:30pm

Canucks: Miller            Sharks: Jones             10:30pm


Habs: Price                Sabres: Lehner              7:30pm

Rangers: Lundqvist   Capitals: Holtby                8pm


Sens: Anderson          Bruins: Rask                7pm

Pens: Murray              Devils: Schneider        7pm

Isles: Greiss               Canes: Ward                7pm

Jets: Hellebuyck        Jackets: Bobrovsky      7pm

Lightning: Vasilevskiy Leafs: Andersen         7:30pm

Blues: Allen               Panthers: Luongo         7:30pm

Preds: Rinne             Stars: Lehtonen             8pm

Wild: Dubnyk             Avs: Pickard                   9pm

Canucks: Miller         Coyotes: Smith              10pm

Hawks: Crawford      Ducks: Bernier               10pm

Flames: Elliott           Kings: Quick                 10:30pm

Oilers: Talbot            Sharks: Jones               10:30pm


Lightning: Vaseilevskiy    Habs: Price            7:30pm


Rangers: Lundqvist        Sens: Anderson       12:30pm

Jackets: Bobrovsky        Flyers: Mason          12:30pm

Capitals: Holtby              Bruins: Rask               3pm

Hawks: Crawford            Kings: Quick               6pm

Isles: Greiss                   Devils: Schneider       6pm

Preds: Rinne                  Jets: Hellebuyck         7pm

Pens: Murray                 Leafs: Andersen         7pm

Habs: Price                   Wings: Mrazek             7pm

Sabres: Lehner             Panthers: Reimer         7pm

Blues: Allen                  Canes: Ward                7pm

Avs: Pickard                 Stars: Lehtonen           8pm

Wild: Dubnyk               Coyotes: Smith            9pm

Oilers: Talbot               Canucks: Miller            10pm

Flames: Elliott             Sharks: Jones              10pm


Devils: Schneider        Wings: Mrazek            5pm

Sabres: Lehner           Lightning: Vaseilvskiy   5pm

Sens: Anderson          Isles: Greiss                 5pm

Avs: Pickard               Blues: Allen                  6pm

Jackets: Bobrovsky    Leafs: Andersen          6pm

Pens: Murray             Rangers: Lundqvist      7pm

Canes: Ward             Flyers: Mason               7pm

Panthers: Reimer       Capitals: Holtby            7pm

Kings: Quick              Ducks: Gibson             8:30pm

Canucks: Miller         Oilers: Talbot                9pm